2020    “New Conventions for a New Generation: High School Musicals and Broadway in the 2010s,” Mid-America Theatre Conference

  * Winner of the Robert A. Shanke Theatre Research Award

2019    “Casting as Public Practice” working group participant, ASTR

2019    Convener and presenter, “The Next Act: Approaches to the Problem of the Undergraduate Canon, ATHE
2019    Convener and presenter, “Vying for the Iron Throne: Gender, Death, Performance, and Power in Game of Thrones,” ATHE

2018    Convener, “Protest in the Classroom: Revolutionary Pedagogical Strategies,” ATHE
Convener, “Staging Revolutions: Planning and Directing the Mainstage Production Season,” ATHE

2017    Co-Convener with Matthew Moore of working group entitled “Rituals of the Dead: Extraordinary Acts of Embodiment,” ASTR

2016    Roundtable: Performance in a Militarized Culture, Association for Theatre in Higher Education, ATHE

2015    “No Hero: Performing American Exceptionalism in the Bin Laden Raid,” American Society for Theatre Research ASTR
Working Group: What is Worth Fighting For? Debating the Stakes within Theatres of War

2014    “Instrumentalizing Activism: The Transformation of Activist into Object,” ASTR
Working Group: Doing Something: Divergent Visions of What Activism Performs

2014    “The Paradox of ‘Hearts and Minds,’” ATHE
Panel Convener: “Performing War, Dreaming of Peace”

2013    “War as Performance: Battling for the Audience in the Hunger Games Trilogy,” ATHE
Panel Convener: “War Games: Battling for Pleasure, Performing for Pain”

2013    “Crisis as Opportunity, Crisis as Excuse: Betrayed, Affect, and the Abdication of Responsibility,” Northern California Performance Studies Platform, Plenary

2012    “Reality and Representation: Personal Experience, Activism, and Betrayed,” ATHE
Panel convener: “The Personal as Activist: Public Action in Anti-War Performance”

2011    “Home is Where the War is: Participatory Performance of the Long War,” Performance Studies international 17 (PSi), Utrecht, The Netherlands, praxis session

2010    “The Ontology of Trial Representation: The Reenactment Videos of Perry v. Schwarzenegger,” ATHE

2010    “Eat This: Nourishment, Politics, Culture, Health,” Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed

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