Books and Journals

War as Performance: Conflict in Iraq and Political Theatricality. 2018. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

You Win or You Die: Performances of Gender, Death, and Power in Game of Thrones. Co-editor with Sara Brady. Forthcoming.

Performance in a Militarized Culture. 2017. New York: Routledge. Co-editor with Sara Brady.

“On Time” (special issue). June 2014. Performance Research 19, 3. Co-editor with Branislav Jakovljevic.

Articles and Essays

“Wanheda, Commander of Death, Healer: Hybrid Female Identities in the Post-Apocalyptic Wars of The 100.” In The Science Fiction Western: Representation of Female Characters in the Late Twentieth and Twenty-first Century Media, edited by Melanie A. Marotta. Forthcoming.

“No Easy Mission: bin Laden, Exceptionalism, and Performing Gendered Heroism in a Post-Heroic Age.” 2017. Performance in a Militarized Culture, edited by Sara Brady and Lindsey Mantoan. London and New York: Routledge.

“Afterword.” June 2014. Performance Research 19, 3:179-180.

“Trial on Stage, Stage on Trial: Michelle Castaneda in conversation with Lindsey Mantoan.” 2013. Dance Theater Journal 25,1:14-18.

“Place and Misplaced Rights in Guantánamo, Honor Bound to Defend Freedom.” 2013. Imagining Global Rights in Twenty-First Century Theater, edited by Florian N. Becker, Paola S. Hernandez, and Brenda Werth. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


Performance review, San Francisco Mime Troupe’s Freedomland. May 2016. In Theatre Journal, 68, 2:275-277.

Book review, Sara Brady’s Performance, Politics, and the War on Terror: “Whatever it Takes.” Winter 2015. In TDR: The Drama Review, T224.

Book review, Jenny Spencer, ed., Political and Protest Performance after 9/11: Patriotic Dissent. 2014. Theatre Topics 24, 2:159-160.

“More Books.” Summer 2013-Summer 2014. TDR: The Drama Review, issues T218, T219, T220, T221.

Performance Review, Lisa Kron’s In the Wake. 2010. Theatre Journal 62, 4:670-673.


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