2018    Book review of Renee C. Romano and Clair Bond Potter, eds., Historians on Hamilton: How a Blockbuster Musical is Restaging America’s Past. Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism, Fall.

2016    Performance review, San Francisco Mime Troup’s Freedomland. Theatre Journal, 68.2.

2015    Book review, Sara Brady’s Performance, Politics, and the War on Terror: “Whatever it Takes.” The Drama Review T224:184-186.

2014    Book review of Jenny Spencer, ed., Political and Protest Performance after 9/11: Patriotic Dissent. Theatre Topics 24, 2:159-160.

2013/4 “More Books.” TDR: The Drama Review, issues T218, T219, T220, T221.

2010    Performance Review, Lisa Kron’s In the Wake. Theatre Journal 62, 4: 670-673.

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